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Why InfraredConventional hot rock/steam heat saunas heat the air with the steam, which can often be unbearably hot and makes it difficult to breathe. This method only allows the body to sweat at the surface. In comparison, far infrared saunas are well ventilated, comfortable and relaxing. Soothing dry infrared heat penetrates into the body's core resulting in a deeper, detoxifying sweat from the cellular level.

Amethyst Crystal Far Infrared Sauna. 30 min $50 This powerful two person infrared sauna provides the absolute MOST POWERFUL far infrared heat, deepest penetration, and longest lasting health features and benefits of any sauna model on the market, with a track record of the most efficient detoxifying, weight loss and anti-aging results. Relax in this 2-person sauna knowing that you are getting (without a doubt) the best far infrared therapy you could possibly find anywhere.

Russian Steam Cabinet. 30 min $50
Steam Cabinet. All the Benefits of Steam Bathing in Comfort & Confidence. The Steam Embrace Steam Cabinet stimulates the skin and prepares it for better absorption, promotes detoxification and stimulates the immune system, yet it keeps the head cool.

Russian Detox Therapy. 60 min $100
Combination of Far Infrared sauna and Russian steam cabinet, The best of both Detox systems. The Russian steam cabinet opens the pores of the skin and far infrared Sauna rays heats from the inside of the body to move the toxins to the skin surface. Plus Vichy shower with honey and sea salt scrub will remove all the toxins.

Steam Shower & Whirlpool. 45 min $90
Torf Therapeutic Bath Treatment with Moor Mud Extract
Whirlpool jets provide a massaging action, which combined with weightlessness relaxes tight muscles and releases natural pain killers, called endorphins, into your system. These endorphins energize the body, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, heal injured tissue, and improving well-being.

9 Head Vichy Shower &

Body Scrub - 30 min $75

A luxurious water treatment that detoxifies, hydrates, and is intensely relaxing both spiritually and physically.

It provides pressure point massage jets over your entire body to assist in the relaxation and stimulation of the mind and body.

The treatment is perfect for those that are seeking pure relaxation and a chance to get away from it all. The Vichy shower is a 9-headed "rain bar."

The rain bar heads can be adjusted to provide either a light rain massage, or a pounding rain to target specific tension areas.


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